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CelestArts brings to you a dynamic curation of Indian artworks, a journey where art is more than decoration; it’s an exploration of the human spirit. Each artistic creation holds a transformative power which elevates with our understanding of the artist. Here’s your chance to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary in every stroke, sculpture, and story.
Broken Wings and Brazen Valley - 10
Broken Wings and Brazen Valley - 10
Rekha Rana
Ilyas Ahmed
Sharanu Alloli
Suhas Roy
Signed and dated 'Souza 57'
F N Souza

Observation & Reflection

Did you know that, beyond the act of painting, even the simple act of observing art can be a powerful catalyst for enhancing mental well-being?

It might sound surprising, but it's a proven truth. Research indicates that engaging with art in an observational capacity can alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress. Not only does it provide a sense of engagement, but it also works wonders in boosting confidence and fostering resilience. Moreover, it serves as a gateway to an alternate realm—the artist's mind, thoughts, and unique perceptions—artistically nestled within the frames of a canvas.

At CelestArts, let's embrace the fascinating connection between art and mental well-being.