About Us

Welcome to CelestArts - Where Every Masterpiece Has a Story to Tell.

CelestArts brings to you a dynamic curation of Indian artworks, a journey where art is more than decoration; it’s an exploration of the human spirit. Each artistic creation holds a transformative power which elevates with our understanding of the artist. Here’s your chance to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary in every stroke, sculpture, and story.

A Symphony of Emotion, Elegance, and Investment Potential

CelestArts is an all in one store where these artistic expressions find a new home. Our multidimensional curation reflects our recognition of the varied interests and desires behind an art purchase. We are a definitive destination offering a rich tapestry of artistry, emotion, and investment potential all under one digital roof.

For those seeking emotional resonance, our curated collection speaks to the soul, stirring feelings of joy, contemplation, or nostalgia.

For interior decorators and collectors, CelesArts is a haven where exquisite artworks elevate and transform spaces, infusing them with personality and sophistication.

Moreover, for astute investors, our platform offers a discerning selection of artworks by emerging and established artists, presenting opportunities for potential appreciation.

The Curator’s Quest - Inclusivity & Artist Empowerment

CelestArts is not just a marketplace; it's a movement that champions the idea that everyone deserves to experience the beauty and inspiration that art offers.

The inception of CelestArts was ignited as a result of a lifetime dedicated towards the world of art. Our visionary founder, Mr. Ajoykaant Ruia, has fostered a love affair with art for over four decades. His extraordinary collection embodies a fusion of modern and contemporary art pieces across diverse mediums. Beyond possessing treasures from esteemed Masters, Ajoykaant passionately believes in supporting emerging talent.

We embrace a profound mission to democratize the world of art, making it both affordable and accessible to the masses. Our vision is rooted in the belief that art is not a privilege reserved for a select few but a universal language that should resonate with all.

At CelestArts, we believe that true art appreciation begins with accessibility, and thus, we curate a collection that not only captures the essence of creativity but also fits into the lives of individuals from all walks of life. In fostering affordability, we simultaneously prioritize the encouragement of artists—both established and emerging—nurturing an environment where their talents flourish. We envision a platform where artists have their creations celebrated, and establish a genuine connection with appreciators.

Join us in this artistic journey, where affordability meets appreciation, and art becomes a shared experience for all.


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